Is your facility supported by QOLA?

At QOLA, we believe that everyone is unique with an individual background and life story. We all have personal experiences that have helped shape us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Using the QOLA assessment process we get to know and understand these unique traits and requirements allowing us to then provide care and services that are tailored to the changing needs of that individual.

QOLA allows us to take a holistic, people centric approach to help residents thrive and enjoy living their highest Quality of life!

Without QOLA, we believe it is impossible to cater and monitor all the aspects of a resident’s quality of life. QOLA is the new standard for retirement home care.

Is your family member on QOLA?

If so, we encourage all family members to download the QOLA App. This will allow family members to keep up to date with their loved ones day to day activities. Including access to:

  • The daily Dining Attendance & Activity Attendance

  • The daily Dining Menu

  • The buildings Activity Calendar with suggestions highlighted based on their QOLA Activity Assessment


You can contact us regarding app issues, general feedback, and feature enhancement requests using the following info:


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